• WHY US •

  • HIGHEST RESOLUTION that can be printed at 300ppi. Since most pieces are scanned at 600 dpi, you can print at the highest resolution at twice the size of the original!

  • LOCATION -there are very few places to get this kind of service on the Central Coast. We are conveniently located in Grover Beach.

  • ARTIST to ARTIST - Your fine art scanned by a fellow artist

  • Custom built lighting designed to emulate the most common lighting found in art galleries

  • No glare, no problems with focus, image plane, coloring, or stitching

  • Free marketing on social media

  • 10% off of printing prices with Palette Arts

  • Web friendly version included free when requested.

• why hire a professonal •

The quality of your art prints begins with the quality of your digital image. If you ever intend to produce professional prints of your artwork, you will need to start with a great digital image.

Art photography is different than any other type of photography