• about me •

· Fine Art Scanning Services

· Custom Watercolor Pet Portraits

· Bags, Clothing, Phone Cases, etc.

· Original Acrylic Paintings

· Customizable Décor for Real Estate Agent Gifts

· Award winning face painting/body painting for events or photo shoots

· Teaching for art parties: Wine and Paint for the adults or without alcohol for kids or adults.

What's with the names?

SooHoo is my maiden name. It is one of very few Chinese surnames with two characters (syllables.) I am ½ Chinese and ½ Caucasian. My father was the Chinese parent and, of course, his last name was SooHoo. I continue to use the name because I feel it is as colorful as my art, and I LOVE color!

My name is Gina Watkins but my artist persona is Gina SooHoo because that is my maiden name. I have painting and creating art for as long as I can remember. I studied art at Cuesta College and California State University, Northridge.

Originally from the San Fernando Valley, I moved to the Central Coast in 1996. I love living in this area! I have been through some tough times but art is a type of therapy for me.

I keep busy with acrylic painting, watercolor pet portraits, face painting, art-printed items, and professional high resolution fine art scanning designed especially for professional giclee and canvas prints. ithout alcohol for kids or adults.